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2022, August 22 - 15:30
Healthy green snacks? Self-driving motorcycle? - The University of Debrecen's stUDinnovate Innovation Scholarship Programme supports innovative ideas.

What if we could use the leaves of broccoli? - was the starting point for Zoltán Kovács, a PhD student who applied for the scholarship last year and proved that broccoli roses used in cooking and leaves that are discarded have the same nutritional value. When the leaves are squeezed, the juice can be used for flavouring and colouring, saving the vitamins and minerals that would otherwise end up in the trash. 

"The stUDinnovate fellowship programme has helped me a lot in learning the business perspective, I had never had the opportunity before to see the economics background of implementing an idea in such depth. Business and research thinking are not the same, but during the fellowship period, analysing the product development process helped me to understand how I could reconcile the two. I was also able to think about how I should re-shape my original idea to make broccoli juice unique," said Zoltán Kovács, highlighting the most useful outcome of the seven-month programme.

"During the fellowship programme, we will develop the skills that will enable students to thoroughly examine the market feasibility of their idea and its impact on society and the environment. We give applicants the opportunity to learn about the process of becoming an entrepreneur and provide them guidance for developing their idea from our experts," said Lilla Jutkusz, head of the Innovation Ecosystem Centre, which coordinates the scholarship.

During the programme experts of the university and mentors with business experience will help students to develop their ideas and prepare for entrepreneurship. The HUF 100,000 monthly scholarship will provide a background to create the necessary conditions for moving forward.

"I received a lot of help and knowledge as a member of th stUDinnovate scholarship, now I can see how to implement my plans from a business point of view, and I know what potential it has, how to take it to an even higher level," said Márk Máté Illyés, who would reform motorcycling with a technology that uses sensors to transmit data from the engine to the driver through the helmet. He is currently working on a prototype, but he also knows how to develop his idea further. "Self-driving and remote control of the engines will be the next innovation."

Applications for the programme will be open till 2nd October 2022 for students of the University of Debrecen who have completed four semesters (or have previously graduated) and have active student status. And, of course, the idea is needed to make the world a better place. 

The application form is available here.

Applications must be submitted in English and stUDinnovate programmes will also be organised in English. The detailed information on the scholarship programme is available here.



Nóra Kovács
stUDinnovate program manager


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