Industrial property rights and innovation management

The Technology Transfer Center provides an elective course at the University Of Debrecen entitled Industrial property rights and innovation management using the curriculum and framework provided by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office.

Different industrial property protection forms (patents, trademarks, geographical indications, industrial designs, utility models) are introduced to the students and they also get an insight to the system of innovation management throughout the course.

In the first part of the course, the benefits and significance of patents are presented. Students learn how they can get national and international protection and how and where they can find former rights. After the first phase, students can find information on what can be the subject to copyright and also on the free use of copyrighted works. Students also get familiar with specific commercialization rules applying to different forms of works (software, motion picture).

At the end of the first part students participate in a research practice.

Throughout the second part, students get an insight of the innovation process, through an idea to the materialization and also different aspects of innovation strategy, national innovation system, financeability of innovation projects and economic analysis matters. During the innovation management part of the course, students can find a summary of trades related tips of innovative companies and project management.

  • The course is of e-learning character.
  • Successful exam counts in 3 credits.
  • Course code: T_EM8889
  • Entering correspondence courses system

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